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Sage + Sound Experience

Discover the transformative power of sound + vibration to promote a feeling of deep restoration. Immerse into this full-body, listening experience.


What to Expect:
+ 30 minute immersive sound experience. Guided lying down meditation using sound as a central place of focused awareness.
+ Full immersion of sounds from a variety of overtone emitting instruments

+ Find balance.
+ Experience relaxation.
+ Promote inner peace + well-being.
+ Boost mood.

About Sage + Sound NYC:

Discover the ultimate destination for self-care + wellness at Sage + Sound, located in the heart of the Upper East Side. Immerse yourself in a variety of self-care services such as acupuncture, massage, + rejuvenating facials. Take a step further + explore the unique offerings at The Study, where you can participate in meditation sessions, sound experiences, + breathwork.


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