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How the Formula was created

My foundation is dance.  I was trained by one of the top ballet masters in the world, Maggie Black.  She took injured ballerinas and brought them back to life.  She opened my eyes to how to properly care for the body and revive injured muscles and body parts, while keeping an intense training regimen.

After college, I worked my way in to the fitness industry, gaining knowledge on the human body and how different methods work with with different body types, ages, ailments etc...  I trained extensively in barre method, yoga, Pilates, weight training and HIIT style workouts.  From there, I moved into studying dance cardio and isolated muscular work.  Among all these different styles, there was one common theme... injury.  I couldn't find a method that avoided the inevitable.

I first created The Formula while training a professional golfer with weakened hips and back.  He needed an intense workout regimen, but which didn't add to his already decreased mobility and pain.  After several weeks training with him, his pain started to diminish and mobility began to improve.  His golf game was also improving, which was a game changer.  My second client was an avid tennis player with mostly arm and shoulder injuries and weakness.  I took the same plan that I had in place with the golfer and applied it to her, with a few modifications.  The results were incredible.

The Formula was officially created.  Over the last 15 years in the Hamptons, I have been training clients from all backgrounds, body types and ages. I am finally bringing to a class setting, a very specific formula for the entire body to gain strength, stamina, length and endurance.  The Athletes Formula.

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